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Clients’ Feedback

Client S:

“Gen is a talented counsellor that has helped me in many ways. She is gentle and reassuring, but also guides you to explore and understand the more painful aspects of what you’re experiencing. Through her support I was able to understand much more about myself, how I think, how I cope and therefore have been able to make some changes to better my life.”

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Client E:

“I was sceptic and anxious to start my therapy. Gen helped me to relax and feel heard. I was able to reflect on my life, gain knowledge of self, my beliefs and values. I have leant how to be me, true to myself and what I want to achieve in life.

Thank you Gen for your patience and support.”

Client K:

“Gen helped me to understand my grief and the process of grieving. I was angry, in denial, blaming self all the time and thought it’s impossible to live after my loss. Gen listened patiently my moaning, my tears session after session gently helping me to see new perspectives. Slowly I found myself “new me” and how I would like to live honouring the life of my deceased husband. Thank you Gen”


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Client S

“Gen has helped me to grief and find meaningful way forward. Gen was very patient with me and for the first time I felt my loss was acknowledged and I could freely talk about my fears.

I am ever so grateful for your time.”

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Client R:

“Gen has helped me to find the resources within me to empower myself and to live with a renewed sense of confidence and trust in my ability to support and value myself. She has helped me to identify and break down the barriers that held me back and that disabled me. She has inspired me so much. I could never thank her enough for the positive change and deep personal growth that her approach have triggered in me.

Thank you so much, Gen.”

Client C:

“Gen helped me to regain a sense of perspective, by unpicking the issues which were causing me concern and distress, understanding the cause and effect of these issues, and provided me with a new focus and appreciation of the issues and how I was feeling.”

Client M:

“Gen has been very kind, and without her being there I don’t know what I would have done. I really appreciate and value the work we did and her being straight forward yet compassionate.

Thank you so much.”

Client C:

‘I was apprehensive starting counselling but during the introduction session I had with Gen I felt at ease. I knew that during this was going to be difficult but throughout the sessions I had I felt listened to, challenged (which is a good thing!) and in a safe environment to open up and talk about problems that I never felt I could.’

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