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I provide counselling via secure video conferencing to your home, office or even your car, as long as it is parked safely. You will need a private space, a good internet connection, a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. I encourage the use of headphones or earphones to increase the feeling of privacy and improve sound quality.


Session Fees

I offer online and telephone counselling, to allow flexibility when booking, depending on your needs.

First meeting 20 min – free

50 min weekly session – £65.00

Fortnight 50 min session – £95.00

Single session 90 min – £100.00

Reduced & Low-Cost Sessions  – are available on a sliding scale, depending on circumstances, please feel free to ask about these, as I am aware life does not always work in our favour.

After we discussed and agreed with the date, please secure the date and the time of your next session by paying before the session to avoid misunderstandings and double bookings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meaningful Life Counselling Looking forward to meet you


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