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Relocation Anxiety

man in black shirt standing near brown cardboard boxes

  Today I would like to talk about Relocation Anxiety. I love to travel but relocating due to work or family commitments was enormous task for me. Each time I would withdraw and hide my emotions, feelings and thoughts as felt no-one wants to hear my fears. If you regularly […]

Pregnancy Anxiety

Pregnancy is a special and unique period in a woman’s life, but it comes with its share of emotions. The simultaneous feelings of joy and the anxiety and even the appearance of fears, which can be very diverse. Sometimes physical and emotional changes can be a bit much for a […]


Covid-19 brought up panic and fear for everyone. The whole world found difficult to adjust. Everyone talks about covid-19 death rates, speaking about worldwide grief, but there are families who struggle to overcome other losses. I want to talk about miscarriages – unspoken grief. The period of pregnancy can be […]

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